Upcoming Training

FY 2018 Retirement Planning Seminars
FERS Dates:
  • July 24 OPEN
  • August 15 OPEN
  • September 18 OPEN
  • October 16 OPEN
  • November 6 OPEN
CSRS Dates:
  • August 16

    8:30AM - 4:00PM
    Gus Solomon
    Court House,
    620 SW Main, Portland, OR.

    Additional information is available under Training/Oregon FEB Training

    Questions? Contact the registrar:
    Email: ofebtraining@oregonfeb.us
    Phone: 503-326-2060



    Workbooks for the four FREE seminars conducted during Public Service Recognition Week are available for download on the Special Events Page.


    FEMA: National Emergency Management
    Advanced Academy

    FEMA Region X will be accepting applications, between July 3-October 1, 2018,  for the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy (NEMAA), taking place in Lynnwood, WA.  For additional details, please review the attachment which includes the course description, course requirements, and application procedures.

    About the Academy: The goal of the Advanced Academy is to support the careers of  mid-level emergency managers by reinforcing the qualities needed to lead emergency management programs, providing relevant management theories and concepts, and utilizing appropriate case studies. Advanced Academy participants work within a collaborative environment on projects and establish a network of peers. Students learn skills critical to performing emergency management responsibilities, such as: program management and oversight, effective communication at all levels, integrated collaboration, and strategic thinking, along with completing a Research Project one month prior to attending the final course.

    The Advanced Academy program series consists of four (4) resident courses, each five (5) days in duration and completed during the current Federal fiscal year. Attendance at each course is required and must be attended in sequential order. The courses are not offered individually and those selected to participate will be notified in November, 2018. The Advanced Academy consists of the following classroom courses and attendance at each course is required to complete the Academy.

    • December 3-5, 2018: E0451 Advanced 1 – A Survey of Advanced Concepts in Emergency Management
    • January 14-18, 2019: E0452 Advanced II – Assessment and Application of Professional Style in Emergency Management
    • March 25-29, 2019: E0453 Advanced III – Advanced Concepts and Issues in the Emergency Management Organization
    • May 20-24, 2019: E0454 Advanced IV – Advanced Concepts and Issues in the Emergency Management Community and Profession

    For more information and instructions on how to apply, please contact me at stacie.imuta@fema.dhs.gov or at (425) 487-4772.


    Oregon FEB Chair


    Jennifer Baker
    Deputy District Director, Small Business Administration

    Oregon FEB Vice-Chair

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    Tina Burke
    Deputy District Director, Assistant Federal Security Director-Mission Support


      Farley Howell  Executive Director, Oregon Federal Executive Board

    Chad Bash
    Executive Director,
    Oregon Federal Executive Board